Judith Tabler, Author

Foxhunting with Meadow Brook

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Foxhunting with Meadow Brook on Long Island, New York, was always about more than the fox, the hounds, or the horses. Meadow Brook was about its people—some powerful, some idle, many wealthy—and their shared joy in galloping across beautiful country, only minutes outside New York City. Doomed from its 1881 conception, the Meadow Brook hunt managed to survive for ninety years in spite of poor scenting, sandy soil, angry farmers, quirky millionaires, trolleys, trains, automobiles, and airplanes. Foxhunting withMeadow Brook tells the story of the people who, for almost a century, rode behind the Meadow Brook hounds.

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"Brilliant book, flawlessly researched and perfectly written. Given the Meadow Brook hounds important social role from the 1880's to the 1970's it is a uniquely clear view of many of the country's leaders in finance, law and politics in its era. More than anything I was surprised that a book on this subject would be an exciting page turner I read quickly."
— William S. Eakins

"Well researched and accurate, this book is a veritable who's who of American foxhunting. Ms.Tabler details the leading characters, sportsmen and women of Long Island society, the good and the bad, but all authentic. The bonus is this book is fun and informative, a good read for anyone interested in New York City and sporting life in general. Many of the Meadow Brook members were accomplished in yachting, horse racing, polo, car racing, golf, etc., all over the world. An enjoyable gallop through one hundred years from 1871 to 1971, the fascinating stories kept me turning the pages."
— Penny Denegre, MFH Middleburg Hounds

"Foxhunting with Meadow Brook is an important book for all who are interested in the evolution of leisure activities and the important role that fox hunting played in the later part of the 19th Century....[It] provides a detailed history of the Meadow Brook Hounds from our founding in 1881 to the end of the Hunt in 1971."
— Rod Berens, Steward, Meadow Brook Club (1985-present)